Prepaid Water Meters

Take control of your water spending

Prepaid Water Meters

The Water meter is STS compliant and utilizes 20 digit tokens for loading credit. This ensures that it is compatible with The Meter Mate STS vending system and vouchers that can be purchased at all outlets that sells prepaid electricity.


Prepaid water meter setup is comprised of three components:

1. the water meters which is either an Elster or Sensus SABS approved volumetric meter with a pulse output (as used in most South African Metros)

2. The water management device (WMD) is connected to the water meter via a pulse reader. The WMD records the amount of water flowing through the water meter, is records this on a digital display and the solenoid opens and closes to let water through depending on whether there is credit available or not.

3. The keypad connects wirelessly to the WMD. Vouchers are entered into the keypad and tenants are able to monitor their water consumption

Prepaid Water Meters


The V110 volumetric meter has a co-polymer resin manufactured body which allows its use with absolute confidence where water with aggressive or dezincification properties exist.

  • Optimum accuracy and performance at all times, in any position
  • Revolutionary grooved piston for improved durability and performance (15mm and 20mm only)
  • Durable tamperproof construction
  • Pulse output
  • Robust, leak-proof construction
  • Performance to ISO 4064 Class C
  • Maximum working temperature of 50 C
  • Maximum working pressure of 10 bar (16 bar on 15mm size)

Optional Extras for Additional Cost: Meters are available in a wall mount box or ground mount box.