Split Keypad Gas Meter is composed of a Aluminum case or Steel case prepaid keypad gas meter and a separate customer interface unit(CIU) with RF or NB-IoT wireless communication module.

STG16-S Split Keypad Prepaid Gas Meter
Keypad Prepaid Gas Meter


Main Features

  • Recharge by inputting 20-digit token code via keypad
  • Low power usage and low failure rate
  • Over 10 years’ data storage in absence of power
  • Up to 10 years’ battery life
  • Reading through LORAWAN, NB-IOT and the system of GPRS/3G(on request)
  • Low credit warning and low battery alarm

Optional valve leakage warning

Metrological Parameters

Type G1.6 G2.5 G4
Nominal Flow Rate m³/h 1.6 2.5 4
Maximum Flow Rate m³/h 2.5 4 6
Minimum Flow Rate m³/h 0.016 0.025 0.040
Cyclic volume dm³ 0.7 1.2 2
Working Pressure KPa 0.5-50KPa
Maximum permissible error % Qmin<Q<0.1Qmax: ±3; 0.1Qmin<Q<0.1Qmax: ±1.5
Standard compliance OIML R137 (2012) / EN1359:1998/A1:2006
Pressure Loss kPa <200
Maximum Reading m³ 99999.9
Weight 2.4kg


  • The integrated keypad of gas meter is offered to enter recharge TOKEN and check information by short codes.
  • The CIU is installed inside customer’s house, when the meter is kept away from customer’s reach in locked boxes or houses.
  • The meter is available with AMI system through LORA-RF or NB-IoT module on request.
  • Meters can be set Step Tariff by inputting corresponding TOKEN. Utilities can set step price on request.
  • Meter will automatically close the valve after detection of magnetic field and open cover event.
  • Non- Revenue gas (Overdraft) can be collected day by day or month by month.
  • Consumer could check the data like Credit Remain, Total Purchased and Total Credit by input the short code.

Download PDF bruchure here.