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Absolute Energy Solutions office builing

133 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg, 2193. South Africa.

Some words about us.

Absolute Energy Solutions specialises in the consultation, design and implementation of energy saving strategies and renewable energy solutions. Our approach to projects is all encompassing in that we are able to offer a diverse range of services and products through our technical expertise and alliance partners.

The advent of global warming and the heightened awareness of public interest in environmental issues have become a major component in the strategies adopted by corporate South Africa.

With the increased electricity tariffs, savings expectations and penalties that Eskom and NERSA have now agreed, it is becoming essential for companies to develop a renewable energy and energy saving strategy. In addition, it is essential to be able to show measurable results through a comparison of the pre and post installation, electricity consumption.

ABSOLUTE ENERGY SOLUTIONS brings to the table a unique set of expertise:

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  • Prepaid & Smart Electricity Meters

    Prepaid electricity meters and smart payment systems that would allow the client to monitor and control their own electricity consumption, while offering the convenience of being able to purchase via the internet, major retailers or SMS services.

  • Prepaid & Smart Water Meters

    Prepaid water meters and smart payment systems that would allow the client to monitor and control their own water consumption, while offering Prepaid or Smart metering.

  • Revenue Management Systems

    Revenue management systems for developments and municipalities, which include AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), water meter billing, electric meter billing, refuse billing etc.

  • Solar Water Geysers

    The provision of solar water geysers that are both efficient, inexpensive, as well as S.A.B.S. approved.

  • Lighting and Occupancy sensors

    Various lighting solutions, integrated with sensors and timers that realise electricity savings especially in commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Electrical Inverters

    This is the answer to Load shedding. A power inverter, changes direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for powering essentials during power failures.

  • Research and Sourcing

    Research and sourcing of new advanced technologies appropriate to South and Southern Africa, e.g. Wind Power, Zero Waste – Municipal Solid Waste to Electricity, Biomass Power Generation, Advanced Solar Thermal and Photovoltaics (PV), Water Treatment and Conservation.

Any of these solutions or a combination of them, are of great benefit to the management and running costs of commercial and residential properties.