Battery backup inverters

Inverters for Load Shedding and Power Outages

Battery backup inverters

Inverter Plug and Play Range

Battery backup Inverter Benefits

  • Run your TV, PVR, DSTV, Lights, Security systems, Garage doors, Computers, etc.
  • Long run battery backup times, up to 8 hours
  • Suitable for home and office
  • Plugs directly into the wall plug, for true plug and play uninterrupted power
  • Automatic recharging when power is restored
  • Plug and play inverters come complete with batteries
  • Add additional batteries for extended backup time
  • Different power ratings available depending on your requirements
    From 1KVA to 2.4KVA
1200 VA / 720 Watt inverter with 1 battery will power a TV, DSTV, Computer a few lamps and cell phone charger for up to 4 hours.
2400 VA / 1440 Watt with 2 batteries will power 3 or 4 TV's or 3 or 4 computers, DSTV a few lamps, cell phone chargers and an Internet router for up to 4 hours.

1440 W/2400 VA Inverter Kit with Trolley

These units can also be used to power intercoms, gate motors and garage doors. The system can also provide a backup supply during extended outages for vital equipment such as alarm systems and security cameras.

Figure 1 depicts some of the appliances that are/aren't compatible with an inverter.

How do these inverters work?

The unit is permanently connected to a wall plug so that while mains power is present the built-in battery charger recharges the batteries and keeps them fully charged until a power failure occurs. The equipment requiring backup is also permanently connected to the Inverter via the connector provided. In case of a power failure the backup system automatically switches over to the inverter, which will continue to provide power to the equipment. This is extremely fast and standard equipment like TVs, DSTV decoders, fans, routers etc. are unaffected. The system can also backup computers but it is possible that a very small percentage of computers could reset during the switchover time.

When mains power returns, the whole procedure is reversed and the unit will switch back to mains power and will automatically start re-charging the batteries. Your equipment remains connected to the system even when power is restored. The whole process is fully automatic.

How long will the inverter system run when there is a power failure?

The amount of backup time is determined by the size of the connected battery bank and the load on the system. By removing half of the load, the backup time can be extended to double. For example, if the system is setup to power two computers for 4 hours, by removing one computer the backup time can be extended up to 8 hours. For added functionality, the system includes an LCD display that provides visual feedback of battery charge and load allowing the user to monitor usage without concern.

How long does it take to charge the batteries when mains power returns?

The recharge time of the batteries depends on how much power was drawn from the batteries during a power failure. The recharge times can take up to 8 hours from a fully discharged battery.

How to use the inverter wisely

The order to get the best value out of the inverter all non-essential appliances should be switched off. This will reduce the load on the battery and extend its running time. Always keep the inverter plugged into the wall socket to allow for automatic recharge when the mains power returns.

Additional options

  • Units can be extended to increase the battery duration with additional batteries.
  • Ottoman case to match your unit with your furniture.
  • Absolute Energy Solutions provides delivery and installation.
  • Additional plug points can be installed to connect other rooms or equipment.